Date Event Title
2020-02-26 BirminghamR RMarkdown & friends
2020-01-21 BirminghamR What day should we have a meetup? A httr story
2019-01-29 BristolR There is no R in Cloud: A talk about fantastic Clouds and where to find them (with R)
2018-06-23 SatRDay Cardiff Snakes in a Package: A guide to and example of combining python and R
2018-03-14 WarwickR Workshop Version Control with git
2017-09-27 WarwickR How to move like Hadley (package building in R)
2017-09-14 EARL London 2017 Reproducible data pipelines
2017-07-31 ExeterR Programming in dplyr with tidyeval
2017-07-05 useR! 2017 Software development by the numbers
2017-01-18 Bath Machine Learning Meetup Invasion of the Recommender Systems