RE: creating a blog with blogdown, hugo and github

Amber Thomas wrote a really good blogpost on how to use blogdown, hugo and github to create your own blog. Like so many others I had been meaning to create a personal blog using GitHub Pages and her tutorial came at exactly the right time. I’m familiar with GitHub, git and R so that part was easy. Until I reached the part about creating a subrepository and havin all website files on the master branch.


This post is not about me but about this blog. The reason I started this personal blog is in the title which I have based on a story from the life of Euclid of Alexandria. A Greek by origin, he is best known as the author of one of the greatest mathematical textbooks in history, The Elements. The story goes that during one of his lectures the following happened: A youth who had begun to read geometry with Euclid, when he had learnt the first proposition, inquired, “What do I get by learning these things?